Pureganic Mineral Powder is certified organic. Meaning it is safe for consumption by all life forms and does not contain additives, preservatives or growth hormones.




The Hebrew translation of this word literally means, "What is it?" Manna is referred to repeatedly in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Hermetic scrolls and the Bible. It is the mfkzt (Milk of Hathor/Ishtar), depicted on ancient stone carvings and pharonic cartouches, being offered to feed the Ka (spiritual body) of Pharaohs and was the essential key to transforming them and others into Light Beings.

It is the shem-an-na (highward fire-stone) believed to be the superconductive source of the blinding white light and terrifying destructive force of the Ark of the Covenant. It is the White Powder of Gold whose levitation properties, proven by modern science, was a closely guarded secret of ancient temple builders, master craftsmen and stonemasons, who would sooner die than reveal their privileged knowledge. It is an integral basis of the metaphysical philosophy of the earliest Freemasons.

It is the Philosophers Stone Instrumental in transmutation alchemy, whose goal was a heightened state of enlightenment and perception (from a lead state of being to a golden one), that was symbolized by the fiery rebirth of the Phoenix.

One initial discovery of its ancient manufacture and storage was found by the Petrie expedition in search of the biblical holy mountain of Moses, then called Mount Horeb and presently known as Serabit el Khadim (on the Sinai Peninsula). They found, within the ruins of a temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathor, alchemical equipment including a metallurgist's crucible and a considerable amount of pure white powder, concealed beneath flagstones.

The stelae inscriptions described a substance called mfkzt (pronounced mufkuzt). Mfkzt was believed to be refined primarily from traditionally mined gold, but other sources were later brought to light. The excavation of Qumran, Judea revealed a complex system of conduits, channels and numerous water cisterns, some of which led directly from the Dead Sea. This salt-laden water was not suitable for drinking, but its high mineral content has been found to be a source of high quality m-state material for the processing of white gold powder.



In the late 1970's an Arizona farmer named David Hudson was conducting soil testing when he came upon an intriguing anomaly. The presence of an unidentified material led him on a painstaking journey, involving over a decade of research and millions of dollars in analysis, to identify this substance. (His story can be found on several different sites on the World Wide Web.) In short, this substance was found to be noble metals in a state not normally recognizable: precious metal elements in a non-metallic form, which could manifest as white light! Hudson named these materials Obitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs.

Most current researchers refer to this material as ORMUS or m-state. ORMUS materials are found in the Platinum Group and are comprised of the following known elements; Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold and Mercury. They possess an inherent ability to present themselves in a different atomic state. Their ever-allusive presence, was not previously qualitatively identified, but has been known to exist. They are naturally occurring and can be found in soil (unless it's been depleted), in plants and even bee pollen. So, it's been out there all this time and may be an active catalyst for hundreds of age-old remedies.

White Powder of Gold is ORMUS material precipitated out in an alchemical process. Liquid Manna contains White Powder Gold in suspension! Knowledge of its production was never completely lost. Alchemists have passed integral kernels of this process on throughout the ages. Modern Wizards (you know them as Quantum Physicists) have brought science to a whole new level of understanding, which we can more readily grasp and have helped us to better understand things like quantum leaps between atomic states and superconductive properties.


*They can interact in 2 dimensions.

*They can pass energy from one "same quantum state" particle to another with no net loss of energy.

*They have superconductive non-voltage potential insular against gravity and magnetic fields.

*They are superconductive by light frequency and their quantum waves know no boundaries of space and time.

We add extra Gold to our Manna, because it has such a rich history of therapeutic uses that spans thousands of years. Gold was believed by the Mystics, to absorb the Earth's energy and has been referred to as the "Master Healer". The Romans used Gold salves to treat shin ulcers.

"Gold Waters" were used in medieval times to "comfort sore limbs". In 14th century England, you could buy "cramp rings" to relieve muscular pains and epilepsy. One of the main remedial uses of Gold then and even today is for arthritis and rheumatism. It has been used to treat nervous disorders and alcohol addiction.

We are just beginning to understand its biochemical mechanism and affect on the nervous system and the brain. Research has shown it tends to localize in the nervous system tissue and is believed to stimulate nerve regeneration. As a "conductor"*, it is believed to increase neurotransmissions in both brain lobes, balancing creative and logical thoughts and to promote communication between the conscious and subconscious minds.

We know very little about gold's bioavailability. But we do know that fingernail clippings from ring fingers show higher concentrations of gold than the other fingers do. It's been found in the reproductive system; the uterine and placenta tissue and semen is noted as the richest biological source. Hair samples of newborn infants show levels of zinc, copper and gold, which gradually decrease after 3 months of age.

Current research has shown the physiological effects on cells do not require large doses. Because gold is non toxic (in low doses) it's currently being used as a molecular marker that's readily visible under a microscope. This way researchers can actually see its reaction on different living cells. Gold pellets are being injected to help retard prostate cancer in men and ovarian cancer in women. There is also more research being done on gold's ability to stabilize body temperature to decrease hot flashes.

Gold and other ORMUS materials contained in liquid Manna, stimulate cell communication and aid in rejuvenating our biological systems. One of the first signs of this "cell boost" is an increase in energy levels. If our body possess the extra ability to heal and isn't in a constantly overworked healing mode, we can enjoy the benefits of extra stamina and clearer thinking.

*A lot of the current ORMUS research has been spearheaded by Barry Carter, who is considered a world renowned expert on this subject. His web site has an amazing amount of ORMUS facts, research and up to date theory, which he has made available to everyone.

We, among many others, thank him for sharing this wealth of information.

"All disease stems from malnutrition, 98% of that malnutrition is a mineral deficiency" - Dr. Joel Wallach.


Pureganic Mineral Powder originates from a mined material described as rhyolitic tuff breccia. Heavy clay sediment, from an ancient seabed, was brought to the surface from volcanic activity and laid down as a fine dust. This dust contains a unique combination of mineral elements and ancient marine life. This combination is rare in the world; both, because of its rich, complex, elemental contents and because of its natural colloidal state. "Colloidal, is a condition, not a mineral. Fine dust like mineral particles pass into the colloidal state of fineness upon reaching a critical size when their activity prevents them from settling out as molecules of their particular inorganic element.

Particles larger than one micron are generally in an available condition ready for immediate use by plant, animal or human." This state insures easy assimilation through membranes for vital uptake. Smaller is better! The smaller the particle is the more surface area of that particle is exposed to potential energy. This is the key to Homeopathy! Small concentrated doses are far more effective. There is a delicate balancing act among countless interacting elemental principals, because No One Element Works Alone! Without minerals life would not be possible! They're required for every biological activity of the body.

Minerals are so tied into our biochemical and metabolic reactions that if there's a shortage of just one needed mineral; the balance of the entire bodily activity is thrown off. Even the equilibrium and electrolyte balance of tissue fluid and pH, is controlled by minerals. All nutrients, such as; sugars, proteins, enzymes etc. require minerals to metabolize. This is one reason why minerals are so essential for healthy organ function (esp. the liver), including our largest organ the skin. Vitamins do not work without minerals! Our daily intake of minerals must come from a good food source. With all the chemical contaminants out there it's hard to find that source. Even organic foods may lack a lot of these essential nutrients if the soil the plants are grown in hasn't been re-mineralized.

Pureganic Mineral Powder is organically certified and provides 76 minerals and trace elements. Our talcum fine mineral powder is over 70% colloidal, so the body can readily absorb what it needs.
It's easy to use!

Just spoon it into a glass of water or juice, stir rapidly and drink!

How much should you take?

Depending on your body size and dietary needs some people use as little as ¼ tsp, while others use a full Tbsp or more.

Pureganic offers some of the worlds purest minerals loaded with ORMUS material in their natural state.


What is the difference between Pureganic Mineral Powder, Pureganic Liquid Manna, and White Gold Powder or (White Powder of Gold)?

First, White Gold Powder is another way of saying White Powder of Gold, which are general terms describing the platinum based monatomic elements used by alchemists, and in physics. Pureganic Mineral Powder contains monatomic elements. Pureganic Liquid Manna is a form of the White Powder of Gold suspended in frequency charged water (so it is easily absorbed through the cell wall). The Pureganic Liquid Manna is comprised of only the platinum based monatomic elements found in Pureganic Mineral Powder.
As the amount of protons increase (this is the atomic number you see on the periodic table), the added electrons need to set up house on additional outer shells further and further away from the nucleus. Now this is where things can start to get tricky!

Let's visualize an airport whose runway #1 is full to capacity. The air traffic controller would then open up runway #2 to accommodate the additional traffic. These runways (Thankfully!) are kept separate from each other, but all have the same airport as their center of attraction. You can see the main airport from runways #1 and #2 or maybe even #3.

Now to visualize the relativity (behavior on a large scale) of the distance of these outer shells try this:
If you are going to Denver airport, and are assigned runway #10, you would touch down in Seattle.

Whoa! Wait a minute!

How can this be? Am I in Denver or Seattle? Well, both actually!

You've just entered the bizarre and intriguing world of Quantum Physics!

(Whose behavior is at an extremely tiny scale?)

The behavior of these quirky outer orbiting shells (valence), and their spin state, is part of the basic of understanding Quantum Theory.

As we mentioned earlier, the electron orbit is similar to a wave. For m-state (ORMUS) particles picture this wave as a pure light. When ORMUS particles occupy the "same quantum state" (same conditions, temperature, electron configuration etc.) and are tuned to the same frequency, it's similar to one wave being nestled into another wave (perpetual motion/superconductive).

The energy field surrounding it is called a Meissner Field, which repels gravity (this explains levitation properties). When two superconductors join their Meissner Fields (called quantum coherence) the TWO ACT AS ONE UNIT! Even with joined nuclei THERE IS NO WEIGHT GAIN! Just as if you were looking at yourself in a mirror, you and your image are one and the same.

These joined Meissner Fields are light frequency quantum waves, storing and passing energy from one to the next, with no boundaries of space and time (which helps to explain their disappearing acts).

We hope this simplified explanation helps you understand some of the theory behind what makes m-state (ORMUS) material so special.


Frequency Charged Water (enhanced water): water produced by Dr. Rev. Joseph using frequencies and homeopathic processes to charge water, which originates for an exceptionally pure and naturally charged source.

Manna: another ancient term for monatomic elements, also used to describe "the food of the gods"

Monatomic elements: generally defined as the single atoms of the Platinum based group of elements; Platinum, gold, silver, copper, chromium, Iridium, rhodium Osmium, ruthenium, etc. Other elements can also exist in their high spin monatomic state such as Magnesium, selenium, sodium, silica, etc.

Monatomic minerals: The single atoms of minerals that will go into their monatomic state.

Monatomic state: The single atom (Mon = one Atom) (anything broken down to its single atom structure is monatomic)

M-state minerals: = monatomic minerals (minerals in their monatomic state)

ORMES: (Orbitally-Rearranged-Monatomic-Elements) a term coined by David Hudson

ORMUS: an ancient term used for monatomic elements